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Understanding the demands of a market that calls for customization and innovation, we have made flexibility the cornerstone of our production approach. In addition to our standard product collections, we offer tailor-made solutions that, thanks to our team of experts, consistently ensure protection in various, even the most extreme, contexts.

The outcomes are products that strictly adhere to the client's preferences, encompassing all custom specifications and necessary certifications. At Artinox, we are committed to being reliable partners, ready to support every need.

Case Studies


Battery Holders
for the Marine Sector

An exclusive naval-grade battery holder made of AISI 316 stainless steel, ideal for aggressive environments such as the marine sector. This special product has been designed in synergy with the client to withstand extreme conditions and has been certified after passing the most rigorous reliability tests.



On board control devices customised to assist in running the machine through a practical display. Particularly popular in the pharmaceutical and food industries.



Free-standing solutions for machine applications in the following sectors: Food & Beverage, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, chemicals and petrochemicals, marine and outdoor. Solutions with special dimensions, specific types of steel and thicknesses up to 3mm to meet the needs of the trade.



Applications in AISI 316 (EN 1.4404) for outdoor use in aggressive environments such as motorway tunnels, ports and ships. Items can be customised with corrosion resistant treatments.


with Vertical Doors

Horizontal electric panels up to 3500mm long; bottom to top piston assisted door opening. Used by large industrial plants in the food industry.



The pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries have special needs. Precision metal working, impeccable finish on welds, pickling and brushing are all characteristics Artinox guarantees on products that enhance the production of whoever uses them.

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