Product certifications

Our range of stainless steel enclosures has undergone rigorous certification tests, affirming our ongoing commitment to delivering the highest quality and safety standards.



Conformité Européene​

The CE marking indicates compliance with the requirements of European Directives, allowing the free marketing of our stainless steel electrical panels in the European market.



Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

The C-UL-US and C-UR-US marks guarantee compliance with rigorous Canadian and U.S. requirements for our products, ensuring safety and reliability. For each Artinox product, we can provide UL Nema certification (type 4x, 4, 1, 12).



Atmosphères Explosibles

The ATEX certification confirms compliance with requirements for safe use in explosive atmospheres, highlighting the safety of our products even in critical environments. For each Artinox product, we can provide the declaration of conformity for Group II apparatus, Category 3, Zones 2 and 22, in compliance with ATEX 2014/34/EU.



International Protection

The IP protection rating indicates the level of defense against solids and liquids, attesting to the robustness and reliability of our products in adverse environmental conditions. Every Artinox product boasts a high IP66 protection rating.



Impact Protection

The IK code measures resistance to impacts, showcasing protection against physical damage from external factors and ensuring the durability of our stainless steel electrical panels. Every Artinox product has a high IP66 protection rating with IK08 or IK10.

Business certifications

Quality Management System

The ISO 9001 certification attests that our company adheres to rigorous international standards for Quality Management Systems. We demonstrate a continuous commitment to providing products and services that meet customer expectations and uphold the highest quality standards.

Environmental Management System

The ISO 14001 certification signifies our dedication to environmental sustainability. Through an Environmental Management System in compliance with this standard, we responsibly manage the environmental impacts of our activities, showcasing our commitment to sustainable business practices.

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